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Budmo! Vodka - Cocktails

This is a traditional Ukrainian hot beverage. The original method has a unique process involving bread dough(!) This recipe is somewhat modernized, but still captures the spirit.

To a boiler add:
750ml water
600 grams dried fruits
7g fresh or candied ginger
1g cinnamon
1g clove
0.5g allspice
200g honey (Optional)

The dried fruits are traditionally cranberry, cherry, prunes, and apples. For a modern spin, how about dried mango, apricots, and... any other? Whether you add honey probably depends on how much sugar is in the fruit you use. Try making it first, then add honey if you think it needs it.

Bring your mixture to a boil, cover and reduce heat to a simmer. Let this ride for about 3 hours. Turn the heat off and let it marinate overnight. The next morning, add one bottle of Budmo! Vodka

Allow to marinate 24 hours, strain and refrigerate.  Allow to settle and pour it off the sediment (if you care about those things).

Serve chilled or heated in a mug. The final product is roughly 20% alcohol.

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