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Budmo! Vodka

Budmo! (pronounced Bood-more), a Ukrainian toast that translates to “Let Us Be” is an oddly appropriate sentiment for the current struggle affecting so many around the world. We discussed what we could do to help our kindred spirits in Ukraine. The fact is, we make liquor; so here’s a high-quality vodka, at a good price ($19.99), for a great cause. Donating $3 per bottle to medical charities in Ukraine, we hope you will join us in this toast.

Ukrainians love their vodka, so releasing one as a tribute could not be taken lightly. Ours is hand-crafted with carbon filtering for a smooth and silky taste; making damn sure we could proudly share a drink with the most discerning of friends. Support a good cause and build a new friendship today.                       Budmo!
40% ABV, available in 750ml bottles
Currently available at the Djinn Tasting Room
And at select NH state liquor stores

Available in these NH state Liquor stores:



NASHUA - Willow Springs Plaza

PORTSMOUTH - Traffic Circle

SALEM - Rockingham Mall



Donations to date:     $2,512 !

Another thing not to be taken lightly: How do you tell a legitimate charity from a dishonest one? We did some research and found several very helpful sites. First, here's a NY Times article on doing your own research. And here are some reputable sites that give independent ratings:

Our charity of choice, so far, is Heart to Heart International (but decide for yourself).

One last thing - here's a great NY Times article on how to AVOID sharing misinformation.

About The Statue

Located in Kyiv, Ukraine, the Motherland Monument was originally built as a WWII memorial. It became a point of contention as the Soviet hammer and sickle on the shield runs against the current anti-communist sentiment in the country. Despite this, the mother depicts the nation’s resolve to protect itself from all threats, and remains a unifying symbol for the nation. Budmo!

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