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Still Images

Still Elevation

This is a Hybrid Pot/Column still suitable for either whiskey or neutral spirit production. A simplified overview is shown here. Not all elements are shown. Actual height is about 15-1/2'.

PRICE: $4,000

NOTE - Steam Boiler (shown on left) is not included with still.

Still Overview

Overview showing kettle and scaffolding

Still Controller

Three SOLO (Automation Direct) Temperature controllers across the bottom are (L - R):
1. Kettle temperature - display only, no control
2. Dephlegmator temperature - This provides control of cooling water sent to the dephlegmator. Set the head temperature for the desired proof out.
3. Spirit Output temperature - This provides an audible alarm and emergency release of cooling water to the Alfa Laval condenser in case output product exceeds a pre-set threshold.

The controller also provides:
- Steam Boiler E-Stop output
- Auto/Manual activation of the Wash Return Pump
- Auto/Manual control of Dephlegmator cooling water
- Override of output over-temp audible alarm

Kettle Front

Fully Functional Lee stainless steel, 600 liter steam jacketed

Kettle Top

18" manway, 4" TC vapor out, 1" TC over-pressure release, 2x 4"x1" CIP, 2x 1.5" TC inlets, 1.5" TC site glass, 4" TC mixer mount

TC - Tri-Clamp
CIP - Clean In Place

Kettle Rear

Kettle Placard

Kettle Bottom

Steam condensate return pump (heavy duty) seen in lower foreground.

Kettle Inside 1

Kettle Inside 2

Kettle Inside 3

1/2 Hp Mixer Direct Mixer

1 phase, 120 VAC


8" copper (Still Dragon)

Cooling Water Manifold

The Cooling water Manifold has 4 legs (left to right):
1. Dephlegmator Automatic - Electric variable valve visible in upper left, driven by the Still Controller
2. Dephlegmator Manual - typically unused
3. Alfa Laval Manual - typically used for condensing spirits
4. Alfa Laval Automatic - Electric solenoid valve visible in center (Provides emergency cooling in case of over temp in product out.)

Alfa Laval Chiller

Condenses spirit vapor into liquid out.

Alfa Laval Placard

Wash Return Pump

Due to the "U" shape of the column, condensed wash collects at the bottom. Using two float valves and a relay inside the Still Controller, this return pump automatically pumps the condensate back into the kettle.

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