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Still, Hybrid Pot/Column


Suitable for whiskey or neutral spirit production. Lee 150-gal steam-jacketed kettle, stainless column 12' high x 6" random-packed mounted in scaffolding, controller and electric water valve for dephlegmator cooling control. Presently cooled via water, could use glycol. Runs on 120 VAC supply voltage. The still includes:

- Steam-jacketed 600L kettle with mixer
- Heavy-duty condensate return pump (xfers cond. back to steam-boiler)
- 3x 4' length (total 12' height) of 6" diam stainless spools
- Reflux return pump
- 8" copper dephlegmator (with 6" column adapter)
- Down-flow gin-head (4" x 24" stainless spool and Tee)
- Large plate chiller
- Glass parrot
- Miscellaneous pipe and connectors
- Scaffolding
- Controller Includes:
- - Reflux pump control,
- - Dephlegmater temperature control,
- - Over-temp warning for outflow

Consultation hours included for set up and best practices for running it.

NOTE - Steam boiler not included.

Still, Hybrid Pot/Column
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