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Bulk Hand Sanitizer

Availability (as of 5-Apr-20):

Currently out of stock.

We expect production to restart about 17-Apr-20.

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Business Hours (Back Bay)

By Appointment


  • CAUTION - 80% Alcohol is flammable!  You must have a safe way to handle this!

  • Packaged in 5 Gallon Pail with pour spout

  • Pricing as of 3-Apr-20 is $100 per 5-gal pail

  • This is a liquid (not a gel)

  • Pickup only - if you have a confirmed order, drive around to the back bay

  • ADDRESS: 2 Townsend West, Suite 9, Nashua, NH  03063

  • World Health Organization Usage Notes (see Formulation 1)
  • SDS / MSDS - ( If document does not display, download file to your computer and open it from there. )
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