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Oh Rickey

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In the late 1800’s Col. Joseph Rickey of Washington, D.C. ordered whiskey, soda, and lemon with ice. Over the years, and through Prohibition, the “Joe Rickey” cocktail evolved in several directions. The New Yorkers had a Cherry Lime version, but the New Englanders had their Raspberry Lime Rickey. Enjoy ours neat on the rocks, with a traditional splash of soda, or in a multitude of cocktails.
750 mL 21% ABV
The Raspberry Lime Rickey
3 oz Oh Rickey
2 oz Club Soda (or to taste)

Pour over ice in a collins glass.

Garnish with lime and enjoy!
Raspberry Gin Rickey
2 oz Knox Botanical Gin
1 oz Oh Rickey
1 oz Club Soda (or to taste)
1/2 oz. Simple Syrup (optional)

Pour over ice in a Collins glass.

Garnish with lime.
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