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About Us

Djinn Spirits (pronounced "gin" spirits) is a craft distillery located in Nashua, New Hampshire. Opening in December of 2013, production ramped through several phases that allowed for initial low-volume runs of gin and white whiskey while always focusing on achieving a superior product. A barrel aging project started in early 2014 using small 20-liter barrels. This allowed for a release later that year of an aged whiskey called Beat 3 Reserve. Late 2014 saw the release of our 4th product, Krupnik, a spiced honey liqueur based on a 500 year old recipe. In November of 2015, we released our first Single Malt Whiskey - a premium small-batch whiskey aged on 15 and 30-gallon barrels. In the fall of 2017, Djinn released its Henry Knox gin, triple- distilled and carbon filtered for a silky smoothness.

Andy & Cindy

Djinn Spirits is the creation of Andy and Cindy Harthcock. After 30 years in engineering, plus Master's degrees in Computer Engineering and Engineering Management, Andy wanted to step outside corporate life. And after a full career in Emergency Room Nursing, Cindy was ready for something more exciting. They searched for several years until that one day when Cindy mentioned "distilling would be fun..." And that did it. They found a way to combine their love for the aesthetics of taste with the creative technical side. Distillation provides not only 2000 years of lore, but the chance to use some very new technology. Drop by the distillery some time!

Andy & Cindy

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