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20-Nov-2020 A Shrub by any other name

New Product release for Codename Winter Sun.

09-Apr-2017 Things we do for love
Are YOU ready for Smigus-Dyngus? Otherwise known as Wet Monday, the day after Easter is celebrated in Poland and several other Slavic countries as a fertility festival dating back to pagan times.

17-Mar-2017 Peaches - Part Two
Almost 2 years ago, we started an experiment using peaches we got from a local farmer. We've come fully around that circle now

17-Nov-2016 Fun With a 500 Year Old
 Who would have thought a drink with 500 years of tradition could be so flexible?

22-May-2016 Dangerous Botany
 You can thank the English soldiers of the East India Company for the creation of the Gin & Tonic.

21-Nov-2015 Your Whiskey is ready
 Two years ago we started off thinking if we just built a good still everything would fall into place.

12-Sep-2015 Magic Barrels
I'm a reasonably well-educated person, but the more I learn about all the elegant nuances that barrels perform in shaping flavors, well I just want to think of it as magic.

12-July-2015 Cocktails - Not just a breakfast food!
Oh, the sordid history of the cocktail! Originally a breakfast drink in the "hair 'o the dog" vein, this morning after cure(?) is now typically enjoyed in the evening AFTER you've sent all those emails, coordinated with coworkers, and published those analyses.

30-May-2015 Catching Up!
I guess time flies when you're busy schlepping malt and mopping and bottling and mopping and expanding operations...and mopping. But it's OK - we're REALLY GOOD at mopping now!

20-October-2014 Public Service Announcement
Possible confusion between the terms "Krupnik" and "Krampus"

27-September-2014 Oh Honey!
Oh, the plethora of very bad puns to be had with this topic! Linguistic antics aside, learning about honey for the Krupnik has been fascinating.

31-August-2014 Krupnik Spiced Honey Liqueur
European Monasteries have been providing for the well-being of travelers since the 6th century. Water was typically unsanitary, so beer was a necessity, and a good beer was a godsend to the weary pilgrim.

18-July-2014 A Drop Of The Pure
Releasing Beat 3 Reserve

8-July-2014 The Whiskey
Spirits 102 - Whiskey

2-June-2014 A Taxing History
Fun facts on the origin of American alcohol taxes

11-May-2014 DON'T PANIC (Mother's Day)
OK, guys ...

14-Apr-2014 Growin' Up Whiskey
We're happy with the quality of our white whiskey.  It's smooth and malty, and it has the simple, unrefined aspect of a white whiskey.  We just can't stop there! ...

22-Mar-2014 Russian Diplomacy
For several years, once a year my father and step-mother hosted a child from the Republic of Belarus - one of the Soviet Republics...

10-Mar-2014 Open House Winners
And the winners are....

23-Feb-2014 Spirits 101
When we started this adventure a couple of years ago, I was about as educated in spirits as the average person. That is, largely untrained.

31-Jan-2014 Reflex Testing
After several degrees and years of experience building complex systems, I now find myself dramatically unprepared for the life of a distiller...

16-Jan-2014 A new distillery
Lets see...Federal Law, State Law, Find a location, Fire Dept., Health Dept., Still Design, Plumbing, Boiler, Insurance, Reception build-out, Vendors, Shipping, Marketing, Marketing, Marketing...


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