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Still curious? Here's some references to go educate yourself.

Alcohol Can Be A Gas, David Blume
Goofy name and a healthy dose of anarchist attitude, but a wealth of solid data.

Alt Whiskeys, American Distilling Institute
A great source for recipe formulation when you get to that point.


The Compleat Distiller, Nixon & McCraw
A small book, but every page has good guidance on still design.


Designing & Building Automatic Stills, Riku
Another good reference on still design.


The Drunken Botanist, Amy Stewart
Both a fascinating read and very informative for formulations.


Spirits Institute Puget Sound
Taught by Rusty Figgins, this week-long class on distillery operations was absolutely key to our success. When it comes to good distilling practice, Rusty is the man.


Wine And Spirits Education Trust
Excellent online spirits training.

And for All Things Fed, go here.

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