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​Yeah, we got schwag... and some unusual gifting ideas!
Krupnik Tee

 Based on Polish folk art, this design celebrates the heritage of Krupnik.



Available in ladies sizes

Alchemist Tee

Alchemy was the precursor to modern chemistry...and distilling! So embrace your inner alchemist.


Available in men's sizes

Whisky Nosing Glass

Made by the Glencairne company of Scotland, this is the standard in nosing glasses. These also happen to sport our djinn logo.



Krupnik 2 oz. Shooter

Shown here with a coaster, this is a 2 oz. shooter (but please don't shoot Krupnik - sip it!)



Age Your Own Whiskey Kit

DIY Whiskey? Sure! With a 2 liter barrel, aging happens in about 8 weeks. The barrel comes with a stand, stopper, wooden valve, funnel, and filter.

And since you're in a distillery, you might as well pick up some White Whiskey to put in it.


  $25 - Barrel and accessories only
$125 - Barrel, accessories, and 3 bottles of Djinn Spirits White Whiskey

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