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Visit The Distillery

​ Get the inside scoop on the latest Djinn Spirits happenings
Stop in for a taste

The Djinn Spirits Tasting Room provides free samples of our products. Come try local quality before you buy.

Krupnik Bottle Shot
Take A Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of Djinn Spirits before you come in to see what we're about. We like to have fun...and maybe learn something along the way.

Take A Real Tour! - Not Available

When you're ready to have some real fun, come tour the distillery. In this 20 minute talk you will learn about fermentation, distillation, and packaging from the people who do it. Tours are $15 and you will leave with a Glencairne Nosing Glass with our logo on it.

Whiskey Classes - Not Available

When you want to take it to the next level, take a class.  Held once a month after hours, these classes cover history, definitions, production methods, and some fun facts on whiskey.

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