Small Batch Adventures in Good Taste
Seasonal runs that may, or may not be produced again. Always fresh, ingredients are as local as possible. We have fun learning, and we want you to have fun along with us. Your mission? Try them and give us your feedback.
750 mL    21% ABV
Simplicity itself. The crisp tartness of freshly-squeezed lemons, a little cane sugar for balance, and our own craft-distilled spirits. Not too sweet. Not too much alcohol. Consider it a very grown-up lemonade.
750 mL    21% ABV
Scarecrow embodies fall flavors of apples, cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla bean, and allspice in a very balanced and drinkable blend. Have an apple pie on the rocks!

Winter Sun

750 mL    21% ABV
This "Shrub" is based on classic cocktails that use vinegar. Originally used 400 years ago, to preserve fruits, we learned that vinegar's acid bite could provide a novel accent to sweet fruits and herbs.
Coming November, 2020!

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