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Djinn is closing 1-Feb-23!

Sadly, we will be closing our doors at the end of January 2023. It has been a pleasure serving the community. Please come see us to stock up on your favorite spirits while they last. And if you're looking for a good deal on office furniture, warehouse equipment, or even distilling and production gear, read below!

Item Overview

This page shows the equipment we are offering for sale. Click on the links for more info.

For questions or to make an appointment, email. Please provide the items of interest and a phone # for a callback.

Equipment may be picked up at Djinn starting 1-Feb-23 and must be moved by 14-Feb-23.

Cash or CC accepted. (Note that some items, e.g. pallet jack and fork lift, are needed until 14-Feb, so those can be picked up after then.)

All barrels are American Oak.

Qty    Description

  3        15 gallon - Furniture grade

10        30 gallon - 2-3 possible for refilling (ex Malt Whiskey). Remainder are furniture grade.

  4        53 gallon - 1-2 possible for refilling (ex Rye Whiskey). Remainder are furniture grade.



Filing Cabinet

Storage Shelves, Wire Adjustable

Storage Shelves, Wood

Tables, Product Display

Tables, Work

Video Projector

Boiler, 45-gal, 220 VAC

Bottle Filler


Mixing Tank, 350-gal Mueller , with mixer (220 VAC)

Mixing Tank, Precision Stainless 200 liter

Steam Boiler

Table, Stainless

Hybrid Pot/Column. 150-gal Lee steam-jacketed vessel, column is 6" stainless, 12' random-packed capable of whiskey or neutral spirit production.

Drum Dolly

Drum Holder

Drum Lift

Fork Lift, Yale Electric (with 220 VAC charger)

Ladder, 12'

Pallet Jack

Pallet Racks

Refrigerator, Home

Refrigerator, Commercial

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