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Beat 3 Premium Blended Rye Whiskey​

We really love Rye Whiskey. Finally, we have our favorite.
Here's the story - this is a tale of two Ryes. The first has 51% Rye and 49% Barley Malt. This one has a lot of round malty sweetness and a broad palate...but alas, very little of that spicy Rye character we all love. The second has 95% Rye. It's a Rye's Rye. In fact, it screams Rye...but sadly, no follow through. No breadth. Ah, now here's where the blending comes. Just the right amount of each, at just the right proof, and magic happens. The best of both: a rich tawny color, a nose that promises spice, and a flavor that delivers it...and more.
48% ABV, Available in 750ml


Manhattan De Lux

2 oz Beat 3 Premium Rye Blend
½ oz Antica Formula
¼ oz Luxardo Cherry Liqueur
Dash Bitters

Shake, strain, and serve over ice in a rocks glass.

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