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Beat 3 Single Malt Whiskey​

Our southern heritage guides our love of good food and drink and we are pleased to offer this premium whiskey. Careful fermentation and distillation in small batches preserves the maximum grain flavor. The new-make spirit is Charcoal Filtered for smoothness, then aged on 30-gallon barrels. Charred to perfection, these oak barrels lend a buttery and smokey sweetness with a hint of spice.
50% ABV, Available in 375ml and 750ml


La Louisiane
2 oz. Beat 3 Single Malt Whiskey
1/2 oz. Sweet Vermouth (Punt e Mes)
1/4 oz. Benedictine
3 dashes Paychaud's bitters
Absinthe rinse
Rinse glass with Absinthe and drain. Shake other ingredients over ice and strain into glass.
Manhattan De Lux

2 oz Beat 3 Single Malt Whiskey
½ oz Antica Formula
¼ oz Luxardo Cherry Liqueur
Dash Bitters

Shake, strain, and serve over ice in a rocks glass.

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