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Cocktails Ready To Drink at 21% ABV

You're known for your craft beer.

Be known for your Craft Cocktails.

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The Codename series was designed for Beer & Wine Licensees to expand their product offering into craft cocktails. Intense, natural fruit flavors paired with spice or savory make them ready to drink, so if you want, just pour and serve. Or create your own signature cocktail by simply adding soda, other mixers, or garnish.

This page is a resource. Djinn Spirits would like to work with you to increase your sales using our products. This is a collaboration, so shoot us an email here if you have any thoughts or questions.

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Our Spirits

We believe in making the best spirits we can. We're not a big company so we can take the time to get it right. Introducing Codename - Small Batch adventures in good taste. Natural, high-quality ingredients paired with clean Neutral Grain Spirits. Proofed to 21% Alcohol By Volume (ABV), these products can be enjoyed simply over the rocks, with a splash of soda, or in a cocktail.

Our Spirits

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Your Business
Grow your business:
Your Business
  • Cocktails attract a different clientele - fill more seats!

  • Local, high-quality products keep them coming back.

  • Base cost: $17.99 / 750ml bottle:

    • 3 oz. at 21% is equivalent to 8 oz. at 8%

    • $2.25 cost per 3 oz pour

    • $2.03 cost per 3 oz pour (with 10% case discount)

  • Flexibility in service provides you with options:

    • "Just pour over ice"                => Fast service, low markup product.

    • "Add mixer and/or garnish"  => Custom product, higher markup.

  • Exclusive - Codename is not available to the public in NH liquor stores.

  • Co-marketing with Djinn Spirits is available.

  • Tri-Fold Table-tents are available!


The Codename products are usually available at the Bow, NH warehouse. They can also be ordered by the case or bottle direct to your local NH Liquor store. Talk to the store manager about ordering. Also, a store manager will occasionally order a case to keep on hand. Check stock to see if there's a store near you with some cases in the back! If you have any issue ordering, please let us know!

Beverage 1
Beverage 2

Beverage Calculator

​Fill in the %ABV and volume of beverage 1, then fill in the %ABV of Beverage 2. Pressing TAB or clicking the Calculate button calculates the volume of Beverage 2 for the same amount of alcohol.
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