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Own a restaurant or manage the bar for one? This page is for you.

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STEP 2 - If you haven't tasted our product yet, you need to. Our name is on the bottle, so we work very hard to create superior products. They are unique, flavorful, and local. In short, everything a craft-distillery should produce. Contact us for a private tour and tasting. Or set up a date for us to come to your restaurant for a tasting.

We're looking for restaurants to feature our new products. If you would like to hold a food pairing event or just show off your mixologist, we will be happy to support you. For example, we could be there for a "meet the distillers" event. And of course we'll add a link to your restaurant on our "Where To Find" page. Talk to us

Ordering Info
All 750mL products are in the Bottle Pick program so you can just try a bottle or two if you like. Here are the SKUs:

2162 - 750ml Vapor Infused Gin
8212 - 375ml Krupnik Spiced Honey Liqueur
8976 - 750ml Krupnik (at Bow warehouse only)
2194 - 375ml Single Malt Whiskey
2150 - 750ml Single Malt Whiskey (at Bow warehouse only)
8918 - 750ml Beat 3 Reserve
8976 - 750ml Beat 3 White Whiskey