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Krupnik - Spiced Honey Liqueur
500 years of history comes through in this fascinating liqueur.

Single Malt Whiskey
New Hampshire's first Malt Whiskey. It's our best and it's only available at the distillery.

Beat 3 White Whiskey
It’s a summer day down in Mississippi, about 1968. You can see the heat shimmering off your daddy's pickup. Lawrence County just voted down the latest liquor sales proposal. In my youth, the county was dry. It still is. Since before prohibition, every proposal to sell liquor was soundly defeated - especially in voting district, or “Beat” 3. But if you knew who to ask, and everyone just knew, that’s where you could get moonshine sweet and smooth and fire hot. Beat 3 White Whiskey is a tribute to my southern heritage. Stop by the distillery. Southerners love visitors.

Beat 3 Reserve Whiskey
What do you suppose you get when you take Beat 3 white whiskey and age it in small charred American White Oak barrels? Well, you get a very smooth, amber whiskey with butterscotch and vanilla notes, plus a spicy little bite. Bottled at 90 proof, it's excellent neat, or in your favorite mixed drink.

Distilled Gin
This recipe supports the juniper flavor with florals from Hibiscus and Elder flower, a spice note from grains-of-paradise, a little citrus, and just the rumor of anise. Using a "Vapor Infusion" technique, the aromas are captured and locked in using a gin head on the still. This method is less common since the still is a little more expensive to build. Instead of boiling, the botanicals are placed in the path of the hot alcohol vapor as it emerges from the column. The vapor is immediately condensed - trapping the aromas in suspension. Just try it. New Hampshire Magazine did, and they awarded us with a Best of New Hampshire Award.

Age Your Own Whiskey
It's actually pretty easy to make your own aged whiskey. What's more, small barrels age the liquor faster. With 2-liter barrels you'll have aged whiskey in 2 to 4 weeks. We provide a 2 liter barrel, a funnel, filters, and instructions in our kit. You can buy 3 bottles of our White Dog to kick things off. And once you're done, you'll have a barrel you can reuse 2-3 more times, or just decorate with it.

Pottery (In a Distillery?)
We are carrying Wiley Hill Mudworks hand-crafted jugs and hip flasks. Check it out here

Other Stuff
We have arranged to carry the Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Glass. This glass was designed in England by a master craftsman specifically for the nosing of fine whiskeys. We are quite excited about this product.

Yea OK, we had to do it. We have T-shirts and we think they're pretty spiffy.

Kosher? Why yes, all of our products are. Never heard of Kosher spirits? Well, check this out.