NL: Growin' Up Whiskey

Open Newsletter

We're happy with the quality of our white whiskey. It's smooth and malty, and it has the simple, unrefined aspect of a white whiskey. We just can't stop there! Practically every whisky buff in the area has asked us, "When will you be offering an aged product?" And... it's time. The latest batch of Beat 3 marks the start of our aging program. Will it take 2 years? Nope. Using our filtering process and small barrels we'll be able to offer some seriously good aged spirits in a few months. And this Saturday (April 19th) we're having an Open House to allow people to taste, and even purchase, a potential new product. Code named "Amber", this will be our Beat 3 product with just a hint of the barrel vanilla and caramel notes, and just a hint of color. Want to experience a whiskey as it grows up? Come try it. Saturday, April 19th, 10 - 5.