Whiskey testers needed!

So we were having a design jam session the other night. We agreed we've nailed the White Whiskey. It's a great white, but now what? The thinking went along the lines of... Well, we've got those small barrels back there we can try some things with...and if we just use our carbon filtering prior to barreling, then leave the whisky down just long enough to get "barrel kissed" (sorry for the marketing-speak there.) Regardless, the whiskey would be a little brown, a little toasty, and have just a little vanilla note. In short, we're all more than just a little curious to see what it tastes like. So through the miracle of small-batch production, we're producing about 30 bottles of the stuff. And we're pushing back the next Open House a week to get it ready. So mark your calendars cause we're introducing an "alternate" Beat 3. Maybe we should call it "Batch 3.1"... or not.

Open House Saturday, April 19, 2014 - Samples will be available for your merciless criticism. And if you like the stuff, you can purchase one of these REALLY limited edition whiskeys.

See you there!